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CO-STUDIO is a nationwide architecture practice, with specific focus on designing spaces to foster community, propel human connection and care for the planet. Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors where people learn, live and work.


Our philosophy is that successful, truly sustainable, and enduring architecture is created through a process that fully involves all stakeholders who will have a long-term relationship with the building. Our team understands that the best solutions emerge when we bring together a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Our skill lies in understanding the unique requirements of each stakeholder and developing a design solution that balances their needs, wants, and budget.      


To ensure our designs not only address the demands of their users, but also the realities of the construction industry, we prioritise buildability, durability, value, and time – through the employment of BIM technologies and delivery methods such as ‘Design & Build’.

Formed as part of the recent restructure of Stephenson & Turner New Zealand, we are a highly skilled and experienced team, with our head office based in Ōtautahi.

CO-STUDIO undertake meaningful projects that we enjoy being proud of, and those that align with our operating principles and values: 

Guardians of the Earth 

Protecting the environment is not only important to us, but integral to our operation and services. We recognise the role that architects play to reduce our carbon emissions and commit to working toward net zero carbon for CO-STUDIO projects by 2030. As part of this role, we approach every project with a sustainability lens. We seek to identify the barriers to embrace sustainable solutions, then work to dismantle them.


Owning our History 

CO-STUDIO commit to a reconciled New Zealand, and support the Crown to redress and Te Whakatika Hapa.


We will take the time to understand grievances that Māori have in respect of the Crown’s breaches of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and recognise the role that we play in upholding our obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

B Corp

As of 2022, CO-STUDIO are actively working towards becoming B Corp certified, and thereby joining a global community of purpose-led businesses who meet high standards of ethical decision making, sustainability and social responsibility.  Becoming B Corp certified is a robust process, and is one of our immediate business goals. We look forward to partnering with design teams and clients who care about making an equally positive impact on people and the planet. 




Our greatest resource is our people; which is our why values are so heavily centralised to how our people connect, collaborate, and communicate. They are the core of our community. We actively encourage and enable our people to develop and grow to their greatest potential. We embrace individuality and provide a flexible working environment in which there is room to learn from our mistakes. By recognising and celebrating our individual and collective strengths, we empower our people.

Lifelong Learning

We plan and act with the big picture in mind. We are always receptive to new ideas, embracing change and the future with enthusiasm. We take pride in our ability to creatively problem solve, and aim to find the best solution, every time. We are not afraid to f*ck things up but ensure that we learn and don’t repeat our mistakes. Our love of continuous learning results in discovery, innovation, and elegant solutions.

Integrity & Trust

We take responsibility, and always aim to be the best versions of ourselves, while holding each other accountable to this idea. We keep our promises, we follow through, and we commit ourselves to our work, and our teams. We tell the truth, we do not hide, we do not use excuses or point blame. We respect each other equally, acting honestly and openly.



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