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Masterplanning & Urban Design

Masterplanning & Urban Design is a critical component in designing successful built environments, whether it's for a small town, campus, or even a house. 

The spaces between buildings are as important as the spaces inside them, and each building needs to fit seamlessly into its surroundings.

Hornby High School 1

​Our Process


The first step in designing a site masterplan is conducting a thorough analysis of the site. The analysis includes collecting data on the site's topography, geology, soil, climate, vegetation, weather, access, transportation, utilises, zoning regulations, and other natural features that can affect the design. This data is then analysed to identify opportunities and constraints that may impact the design.



This is the process of determining the requirements and needs of the client and users, and translating them into a set of design objectives. This involves understanding the client's goals, conducting user interviews, and analysing the site data to develop a detailed list of requirements for the site masterplan.



The site zoning process involves dividing the site into different areas or zones based on the programming objectives. The zoning process is used to determine the most appropriate location for different brief elements, such as buildings, parking, outdoor spaces, and utilities. The zoning process also takes into consideration the natural features and topography of the site, and ensures that the development is integrated with the surrounding context.

​Our Approach

Our team of skilled professionals specialise in providing innovative and practical design services that prioritise connectivity to create better built environments. Our approach is centred around designing vibrant and sustainable communities that foster social cohesion, environmental sustainability, and economic growth. 


Through our masterplanning services, we design large-scale developments that can accommodate the needs of the community as a whole, and balance the needs of different stakeholders. Our urban design services focus on the physical and functional elements of a city or town. We strive to create functional and beautiful urban spaces that are accessible to everyone, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

We blend form and function, art and science, and traditional and modern design to create unique and successful built environments. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and needs, and we strive to bring that vision to life through creative and sustainable solutions




Queenstown, New Zealand




Year Completed


Partnering with Southbase Construction, we undertook this project as part of the innovation model for the Ministry of Education. 


This project mobilsed with a master plan design for up to 700 students, followed by preliminary design for the initial role of 450. Utilising Design & Build methodologies, we moved this project from Preliminary Design to Practical completion in 12 months.


Christchurch, New Zealand




Year Completed


Located on Hagley Avenue in Christchurch, Hagley Community College operates in a cyclic learning environment, where the rolls operate from early morning to late evening classes. At any one time, a total not exceeding 900 pupils are on the campus, however, the school's maximum capacity is 1521 full-time students.

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