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Michelle Leonard

Practice Manager

With nearly two decades immersed in the design and construction world, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and a friendly, approachable attitude to CO-STUDIO.

Michelle's journey began in large architectural firms, specialising in BIM technology and process. Before joining us, she ran a collaborative venture with her husband, launching their successful design-build company in Auckland. Over ten years, Michelle not only poured her creativity into design but also assumed a pivotal role in managing day-to-day business affairs. This involved striking a balance between artistic vision and the practical aspects of operations, showcasing a smooth integration of design and operational expertise.


Michelle brings her diverse skills to CO-STUDIO, where she is our Practice Manager. Her unique blend of business acumen and creative design sensibilities reinforces our team's collaborative approach.


Michelle embodies our values of social responsibility and equity, working towards a thriving and compassionate workplace. She brings her expertise in BIM and business management in the unique world of D&B to foster innovative ways to enhance our unique way of work.


When not at the helm, you'll find Michelle exploring mountain trails with her husband, two sons, and their energetic pup, Barney. She enjoys mixing up delicious cocktails during quality time with friends.

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